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Humble Hounds (Scotland) Ltd


A teacher (team member) will be with your dog at all points of the day.


On arrival they will come in and get their uniform on (collar with Humble Hounds name and number). They will then go into their classroom (field) groups, the groups will be decided on the students’ temperament, energy level, playfulness, likes and dislikes. This means that your family member may be in a group where there are dogs smaller or larger than themselves.



Once in their groups they will have some free running time to catch up and play with their friends and burn some energy off. Once all playground chat and banter has settled the students will have some chill and cuddle time on the couches with their teacher.



After cuddles the students will have some structured play time, this may be ball chase, fetch, gentle tug, going through tunnels, some agility work suited to age and breed, playing in ball pit, playing in paddling pool or sand pit.



Any students with a play piece will have the opportunity to have some private time in a secure area away from classmates to enjoy their lunch then have a rest to let it settle. We will not feed your dog anything that has not been provided by you for your dog. We have an onsite Tuck Shop that your dog can spend pocket money in and pick their own treats.



Students will switch classrooms (field) and have some more free running time to take in their new surroundings.



Students will have some structured learning time with a game of recall, stay, sit (only if have no joint problems) and lie down.

They will then have some individual or friend time if they want, to go into the sensory and scent garden, where they can hunt for hidden treasures.



After an eventful day it’s time to de-compress in preparation for going home, to do this the students will be offered a relaxing massage or if they don’t like massages they can chose to be brushed or simply just have some love and cuddles or belly rubs on a comfy bed/couch.



The students will be inspected and for those with dirty paws will get them rinsed, for any boys or girls that have maybe got a bit dirtier at school they will be shampooed and towel dried, so that no one goes home dirty.

If you are not home for your dog at, drop off, we will put them in the house, put a light on if required, check water dishes, feed if requested, put tv/radio on if requested.

All our fur friends must come for an assessment visit before starting School, this lasts about 30mins. This is to see if your fur baby is going to be happy at School, as after all School isn't for everyone and can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. On the visit we will be watching your fur babies body language. We will pick out a few friends to introduce to them to see how they interact. If everyone is happy we will invite your fur baby back for a second longer visit. If you wish to enrol for School then we need the forms that are attached below completed, proof of vaccinations including DHP and Kennel cough, unfortunately due to council regulations we can not take any dogs over 6 months that are not neutered, if you have a large breed dog please do not get it neutered at this young age, just so it can come to daycare as it can be detrimental to its growth and development. 

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